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  1. Terry Black

    Our tea is now orange, instead of brown and foamy and all of our beverages taste as they should! Our dishes are crystal clear.  Thanks Everrett!
    – Terry Black – Super Smokers Eureka, MO

  2. Jim Keller

    Our glass blocks and black tile in our showers no longer have scale and residue.
    -Jim Keller, Keller Construction Edwardsville, IL

  3. Nick Matulawic

    My water no longer has chlorine, bad taste, iron, or sediment.  We now enjoy drinking our tap water!
    – Nick Matulawic Portage des Sioux, MO.

  4. John Taylor

    We now use half the soap products we used and enjoy much softer skin too thanks to the water softener installed by Jones Air & Water.
    -John Taylor St. Charles, MO

  5. John Briggs

    I can not believe how we lived without the Terminator Water Conditioner! Our skin is softer, our water is clear and taste so much better.  Our clothes even stay brighter longer!
    -John Briggs Warrenton, MO

  6. Kathy Long

    We love our water now! We drink so much more!!
    -Kathy Long

  7. Jack Kalber

    We use so much less salt with our Bauer T-5000 water softener.  We truly enjoy our soft water now!
    -Jack Kalber